Master Bing Phung

Having devoted more than three decades to the practice of martial arts, Master Bing Phung is a seasoned veteran in the field. His journey started with wrestling in public school. He started Wing Chun Kung Fu at the age of 18, where he was trained under the guidance of Master Chiu Lau of Edmonton, Alberta for over 15 years. In addition to his training in Wing Chun, Master Bing has also had the opportunity to study with other Kung Fu Masters from around the world, as well as with the Shaolin Monks at the famous Shaolin Temples in Henan, China.

Master Bing has accomplished several notable achievements over the years. In 2001, he competed in the World Wushu Games and Wushu Pan Am, where he participated in Sanda. He has also completed many marathons, ultra marathons, and Ironman triathlons, showcasing his impressive physical abilities.

Furthermore, Master Bing is the founder of Grasshopper Kung Fu Club, which he established in 2005. Through this organization, he has been able to share his passion for martial arts with others and inspire new generations of practitioners.

Grasshopper Kung fu club:
Master Bing founded Grasshopper kung fu club in 2005 in Edmonton, Alberta.
With over 25 years of experience as an instructor. He has trained many students to the highest levels of martial arts.

Closing statements:
“Kung Fu is like all forms of art, one must invest their time and effort to achieve mastery. Once you are one with your art you can mould it into your own. Pass on your knowledge so others will benefit. I teach because I can, not for anything other than fulfilment.
Kung Fu can fill your spirit and give you what you need.
From all that I’ve learned and seen, to use martial arts as violence goes against what it was made for. Kung fu is made to strengthen your body, your spirit, and your mind. Combine these elements to enlighten yourself.”

Master Bing Phung.