Class schedule and fees

Class Calendar

No registration required, just show up to class with your waiver signed. 

Cheques can be made out to High Park Community League.

Or can be paid with cash.

Club prices and Training Fees Rates:

Monthly $75 - unlimited classes
Monthly $40 - 1 class week

Quarterly - $200 - unlimited classes
Quarterly - $120 - 1 class week

Yearly - $700 - unlimited classes
Yearly - $400 - 1 class week

Punch Cards: 10 pass - $100

Family Discounts,  2 or more family members - 20% off

Online Payments here

*NEW STUDENTS must buy uniform (Kung fu shirt and Kung fu pants) $60

Please print and sign WAIVER FORM for your first class. 

No hidden fees; Association, registration, exam fees etc.
Black sash exams extra*

For more Information Contact:
Master Bing Phung at

What Does Kung Fu Offer ?

Great question. Kung Fu offers an abundance of value-adds including:

• Training & Technique – Not Just Training

You can go to the gym and lift weights, do lunges, run on the treadmill; but are you learning anything new? When you (or your child) take Kung Fu classes, age-old techniques and tactics are taught. Kung Fu is an education in itself.

• Speed Vs. Strength

How you move your body – is as important as building the muscle mass of your body. Want your child to improve his or her agility, nimbleness, swiftness – and body alertness? You’ll be developing wonderfully-strong bones, muscles and everything in between too, but the greatest take-away is a stealthy new constitution.

• Brains Vs. Brawn

Developing a strong body at a fitness centre is great – any kind of physical fitness is better than no physical fitness; but, what if your training resulted in an improvement in your intellect? It’s common knowledge that Kung Fu improves: concentration, mental fluidity and brain function. Thinking better at work; thinking better at school; just plain THINKING BETTER. Sound useful?

• Work Out Harder

Kung Fu is challenging; you’ll be experiencing the best workout of your life – while having tons of fun. The end result? You’re getting into shape faster than you ever thought possible. If you have trouble motivating yourself to achieve intensity in your workouts – look no further. You or your child will be the first in class – eager to learn new and exciting Kung Fu techniques as part of your fitness routine.

• No Fancy Equipment

Half the battle when trying to adopt a new fitness-oriented lifestyle – is learning all the gadgets and complicated equipment that goes along with simply trying to get fit. Is it really necessary? Kung Fu offers a WORLD of fitness simplicity, where you arrive, challenge your body and mind – and focus on the most important thing, which is YOU.